Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beautiful Exchanges

and a banquet invitation! 

Over 6 years ago we prayed a prayer - "God use us, we will do anything!" Our anything seems to be costing us everything. Nothing about our previous lives are the same. Over the years we have had to give up ALL CONTROL. Over the years God has led us deeper into the lives of the people He loves and further from the safety of the familiar.

"If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for My sake, you will save it." Matt 16:25

There are many days and nights when tears fall and we wonder, should we take our prayer back? It some times seems easier to do that because God's ways are backwards to our human nature. God tells us to die to live, lose to find and empty yourself to be filled. And even though we have seen and experienced that many times, it still doesn't come without struggling against our flesh, tears over the emptying and loneliness in the dying. These are His beautiful exchanges. Just like He was our beautiful exchange.

And then a reminder from Luke 14 of the parable of the Great Feast and the cost of being a disciple. Jesus describes a banquet, it is beautiful and everyone is invited. But as the host prepares to welcome his family, friends and neighbors he realizes everyone has made excuses of some sort and they don't participate. So disappointed, he sends his servant out to invite the poor, the crippled, the lame and blind from the streets. So the servant brings them to the beautiful feast and there is still room for more! So he sends his servant out again to COMPEL people to come! His master has sent him out for those who don't take love for granted.

As I read this scripture, I got a beautiful word picture of what God is allowing us to be a part of. He is sending us out to invite those least likely guest to the beautiful banquet table. We get to be a part of giving God to deaf children.

God is whispering through the words of scripture to us to run on, go get His people and fill up His table. We are His ambassadors and servants and He has told us to go quickly and invite. As a child of the Most High, He is asking you too. Are you making excuses about being a part of filling up His table? Are you only inviting your family, friends and neighbors? Scripture tells us that God will reward you for inviting those who cannot repay you. See God's economy makes beautiful exchanges: as we give, we grow! It is NOT foolish to invest in the only TWO things that will NOT die: God and people's souls.

No matter how uncomfortable and hard it seems to be getting, we will NEVER take back our prayer! Yes, there are still plenty of tear filled days and nights but it is worth it!

This is our life: running to the mission field, waving our arms, full of God and giving Him away! This is what we were designed for, saved for and sent out for: loving God and loving His people. 

Not to us but to Your name be the glory!

Feb 2nd, 2015!!!!