Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching our breath

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, we have been extremely busy with school and just finished with it!! Yay for the old couple in school together :-)  I think we have finally caught our breath some what. It has been a whirlwind last few months with finding out where we would be, learning the next steps, school, trying to kick off our partnership development, and just daily life of working, being parents, and serving the Lord while we are still waiting.

Right now we are trying to find churches, small groups, bible study groups, businesses, individuals and families that would be willing to allow us to share God's vision for the deaf and how we will be helping with that in Mexico. We have a goal of 200 prayer partners to connect with that will commit to praying for us daily and will be instrumental in intercessory prayer for urgent needs and things that God is doing while we are at the Ranch. If you want to learn more about this, please let me know and I will give you all the information and add you to our team! Not only do we know that our prayer partners will be a key to our success on the field, but so will the people that join our financial team as well. It is no secret that unless those that are called to give - give, we can not go! We have to have right at $5000 a month to live and do ministry in Mexico. A little over half of that is for us to live on and the rest is for us to do ministry with.

We will have the same expenses there as we do here (rent, food, utilities, insurance) with a few extra ones such as having car insurance in 2 countries. Some expenses such as health insurance will be more expensive than we pay now. So yes while some cost may be less expensive than what we pay here, there are other expenses that will be much higher and some that we will have to be paying in 2 countries. We do not make a salary from the Ranch, we will be living and doing ministry on our monthly support. The Ranch is a free school for the deaf and does not have any income that comes in on a regular basis. Every family and individual that is there, raises their own support and our ministry funds and donations from others is what allows the school to do what it does day to day.

So the great question of "When are you leaving?" is when we have 90% of our monthly support coming in for 3 months in a row, then we can leave. We are at approximately 15% right now. All the support that is coming in right now, is being held in our account to cover moving expenses and language school cost. We will not get a penny of any money until we leave. We are so ready to get to where we know God wants us, so please be praying about how God wants you to partner with Him to get the gospel to the deaf community in Mexico and around the world. We are thankful for each of you that have already started supporting God's work through supporting our ministry. We are a ministry- an extension of the body of Christ from Valley Creek Baptist Church joining God where He is working!

We would love an opportunity to sit down with you over coffee, dessert or ice cream (it is about to start getting hot) and answer any questions you have or explain anything that you don't understand. We want everyone to understand how things work so there is no misunderstandings or doubts. Our pastor, Kevin, just came back from Pioneers from a conference learning how our home church will play such an important part of our success. He was so impressed at how they take care of their missionaries on the field. We have all kinds of help available to us around the clock whenever we need it and that was comforting to him as our pastor to know that with a phone call we or he could get us help. Missionaries are huge targets when they hit the field and satan will use all kinds of stuff to destroy them, so it is vital that we have access to whatever kind of help we might need. We are so thankful for a Pastor and church that love us and know that the church's mission and mandate is MISSIONS!!!

So right now we are selling more items, trying to tie up loose ends on things here and preparing the house to go on the market. I have not been fearful of the house not selling, but where will we live when it does!!!! Rent is way more expensive than what we pay in mortgage payments :-(   We are planning on having an Estate Sale here at our house to move some big items in April or possibly May so if you are in need of some things, watch Facebook or let me know and I will let you know when we are having it.

Thank you again for following us, loving us, praying for us, and supporting us - words are NOT adequate!!!

Prayer request:
1. Rancho Sordo Mudo will be having a big meeting in April - big things happening and they need prayer!
2. Pray for Luke Everett, he does most of the traveling for the Ranch and the stresses of traveling, being away from his family and the future of the school lay heavy on him. 
3. Pray for all the staff and students there 
4. Pray that we will get to our 90% quickly so we can get to the Ranch as soon as possible, we know how they need us to be there helping and that ways heavy on our hearts!!
5. Pray that we reach our 200 prayer partner goal too
6. Pray for the selling of many items, property and house over the next few months. 
7. Pray for a reasonable place to rent until we leave that is not more than what we pay now - actually less would be better. 
8. Pray for us as we are learning to adjust to so many things right now. 
9. Pray for us and our family & friends that as it draws nearer to us leaving that it will be an easy transition for all of us!!! 
10. Unspoken 

Thank you again and thanks for praying for these request. We are grateful for each of you!!!

The kids worshiping Jesus in song!!

Waiting to eat lunch. 

Olivia's class