Sunday, September 7, 2014

Miles of Separation

For many years and miles our hearts have been separated from us. With all separation there is pain, questions and waiting to be reunited. So is the case with us. But we are hopeful that very soon there will be NO more waiting. And that my friends is SUPER exciting!! So we have been asked to pray for a Faith Date for our departure. A date that is NOT possible humanly but by God ALONE!!! So right now we are praying for God to reveal that faith date. Then we can have a set departure date and run with all our might toward that date with full confidence and faith that God will make a way.

We also found out that we will be attending Language School in Ensenada, Mexico. We are excited about this because it will put us 30 minutes from the Ranch!!!!! We will all be in language school full time as well as working on our sign language. Exciting times coming. We wanted to update everyone on that information and ask that you pray with us about our Faith Date.

School is starting back at the Ranch. They are short handed on help and that pulls at our heart strings. We are beyond ready to be there investing in those precious children and giving them something we can - unconditional love. Our spanish and sign language may not be really good at first but we have learned that love has NO language. And no matter how badly we slaughter our communication with them, they will understand that they are loved!!

Ashtyn has started homeschooling this year and we are busy trying to adjust and get a routine down. High school homeschooling is totally different and more demanding. We are working hard to make sure that she has plenty of opportunities to be around other teens and have plenty of socialization. This was the hardest part for her last time we attempted homeschooling. Since that experience shed so much light on what needed to be done differently, we are working hard to make it better.

This update will be short because we hope to update again soon with our departure date and other news about us leaving. We are thankful for each of you and keeping up with us. Please check back soon for another update about our departure. Please join us in prayer for the request listed below.

1. Our faith date departure date.
2. Ashtyn's homeschooling.
3. The staff at Rancho Sordo Mudo as they begin a new school year short handed.
4. The kids at Rancho Sordo Mudo as they begin another year of learning.