Friday, May 25, 2012


Habakkuk 2:1 "I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post. There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how He will answer my complaint.

The Hebrew word "amad" means to endure, remain and to be standing both in body and attitude. (pretty sure I fail this one way too much!) Habakkuk shows us how seriously he expected God to answer and how determined he was to wait on that answer. He didn't seek to fill his void with alternatives, like I do so often. He just waited on God, always on the look out for an answer. We have been in a "waiting on God" mode for what seems like seasons, but He continues to show us answers and show us the way. Sometimes I forget that in order to hear God's answer I must minimize ALL distractions to concentrate fully on the task.

Habakkuk was not going to make a move until he had received divine direction. If we value God's Word like Habakkuk, we should be willing to wait patiently and not move until we have received it! Where did he say he was going to wait for divine direction? From the watchtower - why is that so important? Because a watchtower is positioned well above the ground to provide a broader view for miles around. It would give the guards in those towers a different view of their circumstances by placing them high above ground level. It also put them above the level of distracting noise. I remember so vividly that when Mike and I went parasailing how quiet it was when we got up there above all the stuff we were surrounded by. I was blown away at the quietness, I was not expecting that. We too need to place ourselves above our ground level circumstances and get above them. We need to take our eyes off our circumstances and watch only for God!!! Can I just be honest and tell you that this has been a struggle for me lately. I have been so worried and upset about my circumstances and how and when they would change, that I probably have not heard God because of all the distractions and certainly lost sight of the stairs to the watchtower!!!

Then we get to Habakkuk 2:3 "This vision is for a future time. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed."   We have to be careful not to run ahead the moment we hear God's leading and direction. We must walk in daily obedience instead of desiring to see the end result of God's plan instantly!  See the Lord even prefaced His message to Habakkuk with a reminder for us not to carry out His plan before its due season! Wow in a world of instant gratification - that is a hard one for us all. See He wants us to remain standing in body and attitude, expecting Him to answer, while in the watchtower with no distractions for His divine answer and then when we have gotten that divine answer to walk in daily obedience instead of running ahead of Him. Wow!!! 

My heart is encouraged to not flounder as time passes as I wait to see God's promises fulfilled. I will be standing firm and walking in daily obedience to God. Great relief awaits those who ask God to provide. We can be free from the burdens of trying to make things happen when we know He promises to fulfill His own Word. God told Habakkuk what he would need to walk in patience before the Lord.(Habakkuk 2:4) And it remains the same for us today - we must not depend on ourselves to make things happen! 

I am not sure what you're going through or the circumstances in front of you - but I know mine. Look around for the stairs to the watchtower - get above those circumstances and look for God. It is not easy waiting on God and then not running ahead of Him - its a daily walk. But I know that we are more than willing to stay by our phones awaiting a call regarding a career opportunity or a report from the doctor's office. We will wait in line for groceries and other stuff. We will wait out the long months before the arrival of a child. But the value we place on God dictates the amount of time we are willing to wait on Him. The importance of hearing God's voice was paramount to Habakkuk - let's make it paramount to us TODAY!!!

Great message in song from Greg & Janna Long!!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gospel Plow

All of us involved in ministry can recall many test, trials and attacks that we've experienced. These attacks come in many different forms. Some attacks and dangers are obvious and some are subtle. Every believer and especially those trying to share the gospel among unreached cultures are engaged in a titanic spiritual struggle. I have been praying and thinking about how we will equip ourselves for the work we have been called to do. Our spiritual condition will determine our survival and our success.

I am realizing that our titanic spiritual battles began a few years back and continue day after day. I have been studying Luke and God has spoken to me so clearly about things I have been worried & wondering about. I also recently finished a book we were given at COP in March called "Spiritual Survival Handbook for the Cross Cultural Workers" and it has helped me tremendously!

In Luke 9:59-62 - Jesus is very clear about the cost of following Him. I had to ask myself, "Am I prepared to pay the price"? See everyone is welcome to join the journey to follow Jesus, but as Jesus shows us in scripture, not everyone is ready to submit to His LORDSHIP! Many want the CROWD, but not many want the CROSS! Jesus list only a few of the numerous excuses people gave for not following Him. But we hear many more today. What excuses do you hear in your own hear for not submitting to Jesus' claims on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? Some think Jesus' words were harsh in these passages, but they are not. See the man's father had not physically died yet, his excuse was to refrain from following until he had settled all his other relationships. Will there ever really be a time when all our other relationships will be settled? I think not, because we are people with feelings, opinions and needs that are all different. Our families are not perfect with perfect relationships and if we wait to go and serve until they were all perfect - we would NEVER go!! Do we long for all relationships in our families to be great - of course!! But we have come to realize that we can NOT fix that. We are NOT responsible for others actions, words or how they treat people - we ARE responsible for ourselves!

And Jesus goes right from relationships and serving to putting your hand to the plow and serving. He does this because they go hand in hand. See we can't stand on the side of the field trying to fix relationships and make everyone happy because then you are serving THEM!!! You have to decide to follow Jesus - step out and away and grab the plow and start plowing. You can not look back. I know that when I am driving and something out one of the windows catches my eye and I look at it for just a split second - my car will veer to the left or right where I was looking. This is what Jesus is saying - you can't look back at relationships, friends, family, jobs etc... don't look back or you will veer off track. See when they were plowing they had to look straight ahead to keep their rows straight. If they looked away it would increase their risk of ruining the plow by running it into a rock in the ground. He is telling us in scripture that there are risk involved in looking back.

Pray with us that we would continue to look straight ahead as we plow this new field no matter how difficult it becomes making sure not to risk ruining our plow on rocks. We desire to apply all foundational principals found in scripture that will lead us to spiritual fruitfulness in our lives and our ministry in Mexico. It's one thing to go to Mexico and survive but a whole different thing to flourish and be fruitful despite the attacks of the enemy. 
The Lord's will for us ALL is to
 "go and bear fruit, fruit that will last"

This song has been on my heart for a while now and here is the story behind the reason she redid this old song. It is a great reminder for us all to press on and keep our eye on the prize - don't look back!!

Below is the full version of just the song - the lyrics are so powerful!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Standing like an Officer

Luke 7:1-10 - Standing like an Officer

So many think faith is something so non-biblical such as believing something to be true when you know it's not or that it is working up a kind of courage to face something hard. Those are foolish and not biblical faith. 

See on this journey our faith is tested day in and day out! We have more questions than answers. We have things in front of us that WE do not see how they will work. When we just stand on His promises and trust Him to take care of them - that is biblical faith. 

Jesus commended the faith of the Roman officer, He said that the man's faith was without comparison. And all the officer did was to say that he would take Jesus at His word. That is the heart of real faith! Can Jesus say that of us?

Don't complicate your faith in God - just believe Him and live knowing that what He says is true!!!! I feel pretty sure that we will have many days when our faith will be all that we have and I pray that we will stand strong and take Jesus at His word like this Roman officer. 

From my time with God this morning! 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Well this week has proven to be a hard week for several reasons, some of which I will mention and some I will not. I have been burdened to be extremely transparent during this journey and some people will not like that. But if we don't share in our struggles and how hard this journey is, then how can God get any credit? If we don't allow people to know our difficulties and see how we live through them with joy in our hearts and praises on our lips then that is our own strength and not His. And believe me - this journey will only happen in His strength and NOT ours!!

Affirmations have been great over this last week with God showing us that He is in control. Little did I know that when I posted our 3 wonderful 4 legged kids and my car on Facebook that within 48 hours, they would all have homes and a buyer for my car!!!!! Saying goodbye to our sweet Ace, Canaan and Freckles has been more difficult than I was expecting. Selling the car was easy, after all its just a car.

We knew to expect changes with this journey, but we never expected so many of them to take place while we were still here. So many of our relationships have changed with family and friends and that has been more difficult to accept than anything. Our roles at church have been changing and will continue to change as we get further into this journey.  This has proven to be a lonely journey and that we never expected. But we are learning to accept all these changes ( I didn't say we liked them) because we know that we can trust God to work ALL things to His good.

I have heard the Lord speak clearly to me this week as I have battled human emotions. I have had to let go of things, pets and realize that some relationships will never be the same again. Does that sadden me? Of course it does, but in my brokenness this week this is what I heard the Lord say to me.

"Sherri, do you love me more than these?" Yes Lord
"Then feed my lambs"
"Sherri, do you love me?"  Yes Lord, you know I love you.
"Then take care of my sheep"
"Sherri, do you love me?"  Yes Lord, you know all things - you know that I love you
"Then feed my sheep"

See to love Him is to sacrifice for Him, like He did for us. This is just the beginning of our sacrifices to be able to feed His lambs, to take care of His sheep and feed His sheep. And we are ok with that. Does it mean that we will always be excited and happy about that, No - but we will trust our sovereign Savior.

 And when I was grieving relationships this week He spoke to me again.
Lord, I don't understand why things have changed with so and so, and why does it have to be like this and why do I continue to get hurt? What about them Lord, why do they treat me like that?

"What is that to you? As for you, follow me." And I will gladly!!!!

So once again He is reminding me that I am not in control, He has ALL this. And as for me, I am to follow Him and that is what I will continue to do. Nothing that is worth anything comes with out sacrifice and cost. And I happen to think He is worth it!

Please pray for us for clarity about the 3 places that we are looking at to make vision trips and see where God would have us. Thanks for your prayers and keeping up with us.

Soon I will post the places that we are looking at so you can pray specifically for those places by name.