Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Crazy Life! 

There is only so much preparing you can do before going to the field full time! 
The rest of it is totally flexibility and dependance on God. 
We had no idea what kind of ride these last 20 months were going to be. 
But here we are on the other side and getting excited about what we see God doing. 

So what is God doing?

We see God showing us the need for Discipling, the need for Deaf Leaders and DBS (Discovery Bible Studies) among the deaf here in Ensenada. We see God using Ensenada as a training hub to send out the deaf and hearing to reach others. 
It is really cool to see Him opening doors and confirming what we have 
seen Him showing us. It has been hard to fathom a different location and a new ministry 
than what we thought when we first set out, but we trust God. 
Part of the discipleship has come in a way we didn't expect! 
We are thrilled to have our first deaf girl living with us. 

Meet Miriam

Miriam graduated from RSM in 2015. She lost her hearing at age 5 and was at the Ranch for 10 years. She wants to continue her education by getting her Jr. High certificate and is already attending High School classes now so she can get her HS education as well. 
She loves God and wants to grow in her walk with the Lord. 
We can see that she has great potential to be a leader in her community. 
We are working with her on how to budget her money, handling responsibilities, 
being a good employee and student and how to develop a time with 
God everyday to help her in her spiritual growth. 
She is teaching us sign language and helping us to understand the culture much better. 

Adjusting to our new life with Miriam comes with its challenges as well as many blessings. She is funny and keeps us laughing. We are thrilled that God brought her into our family and is using her to teach us as well. We know in order to be effective in ministry to another culture that we first have to know and understand it. 
And what a perfect way to be able to do that. We are blessed! 

Schooling is the theme here at the Sexton Casa!! 

Ashtyn is loving her new school. 
Miriam is liking Prepa (HS) but finds it fast and hard most days. 
We (Mike & Sherri) attend Spanish School 2 times a week, LSM (Mexican Sign Language) 
classes 2 times a week as well as taking online College classes from Samford University. 
When we complete all the classes we will be certified in Global Missions. 
Whew!! We are tired by the weekends from studying and learning in 3 different languages. We aren't spring chickens anymore!! 

We absolutely love our new little house and our new neighborhood. 
We actually have some grass. We love all our outdoor space we now have. 
And Oakley is loving all his outdoor space as well. 

Prayer Needs:

1. More workers here with us to disciple
2. Our language and culture learning to excel (both Mexican & Deaf cultures)
3. Our monthly financial deficit 
4. Our discipleship to Miriam
5. Our time in Birmingham in December 
(for our hearts to be prepared for the return & leaving)

Thank you so much for patiently sticking with us during these last 20 months 
as we have muddled through this journey. 
And most of the time not really knowing what to say or do and not knowing what to post. 
So thank you for your patience as we have finally gotten to a peaceful place (so to speak)
 in this journey and are now able to communicate better and more often. 
You all are so extremely special to us and we are blessed to have you in our lives.