Saturday, December 7, 2013

Video update

When I started working on our November newsletter and blog, I really kept getting snagged and couldn't complete anything I started. I got so discouraged and kept praying asking the Lord to help me complete what I thought He had given me. His reply was "everything is different now". I kept trying to figure out what that meant and all the while never being able to pin on paper (well a keyboard) what I felt like the Lord was speaking about. I started reflecting on "everything is different now" and I came to realize that EVERYTHING about my life is different now. Since we started this journey, everything is different now. We just had our 2nd moving sell and even my house looks different now. Thanksgiving holiday was different for us this year - change, change and more change. I have always promised to be transparent so that you would understand that we are not perfect people without struggles. I came to realize that over the last 4-5 weeks I had begun to grieve too much for all that we were giving up, all the things that were different and all the changes going on. So much so that I was not embracing the new and different things and ways that God was giving us now. That is why I couldn't complete anything, I was having a pity party about all the changes and God wanted me to focus on the new and different.
New and different isn't a bad thing. I then felt that a new and different way for the update was also something He was leading me to. To be honest, this update and video was probably more for me than anyone else, but I am praying that God will use it to give you a glimpse of what He is doing in Mexico through RSM. I think God wanted me to focus on the good that is in "new & different" and since our life will be completely new and different when we get to Mexico why not embrace it now! I decided to use what God always uses to encourage me when I am struggling about not being there yet, sacrifices that seem to great, tremendous spiritual warfare - MUSIC & PICTURES!!  So below is our latest update done with a powerful song and pictures from the Ranch. I pray that God will use this video to speak to your heart in ways that only He can. Click below where it says November Newsletter 2013 and watch the video!

Some of these pictures I took when we were there and all the others I have gotten from Jason a missionary that teaches at RSM and other missionaries that have been at the Ranch. I am thankful that Jason keeps me feeling connected with his post and pictures. I am also excited to have someone there that shares my passion about photography! 

Thanks for walking with us on this long journey. We will be sharing at two churches tomorrow in our area, so be praying for God's spirit to move among His people. If you are not receiving our monthly newsletters, you can sign up on the right hand side of this blog and you can also go back and review our older newsletters. Continue to pray for us as we continue to let go of stuff and make many changes. Pray that we will keep our eyes focused on Jesus and see the good to come for our temporary suffering!