Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Sweet Tea to Tamales

Well by far we have been dreading this part of our journey more than any part. It has been the most humbling thing ever! There are times when people say oh that will be so hard to sell everything and move to another country, or this will be hard or that will be hard - but really this is the hardest. Support Raising!!! There is NOTHING fun about raising support and asking people to support you monthly so that you can share the gospel with people who would never otherwise hear it. Worth it?  YES Fun? NO  But that is where we are now and God is teaching us through it all.

We are trying to find 200 people, families, Sunday School classes, offices or Bible study classes that will commit to support us with $25 a month. We have to have 90% of our support raised before we can depart for the field. We are suppose to leave after the first of the year, probably between March and May. We are praying for opportunities to share our vision and be able to connect with those God has called to join with us in sharing the gospel. If you know of an opportunity or place that we could share, please let us know.

We have already begun selling things and to be honest it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, see every dollar raised is a step closer to leaving my sweet tea (the South) behind and one step closer to my tamales (Mexico). Letting go of stuff has actually been freeing. I think we are to wrapped up in our stuff and our culture is great at getting us wrapped up so tightly that some are never able to let go. I praise God that He is showing us the beauty of simplicity in our lives, homes and hearts. Those things that are most important and that have eternal value are not found in cars, houses, furniture and so on... they are ONLY found in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

God has been great at showing us His provision for His work in our lives and the most humbling of them all came from children! The children at VCBC during VBS each year collect a mission offering each night. It's always a healthy little competition between the boys and girls and they love it. This year,late one night, we got a phone call from our children's minister letting us know that they had been praying about where the offering would be used this year and through much prayer and confirmation - the money collected would be given to us! What? Wow!! A humbling call that left us speechless and in tears! I had been heart broken that I couldn't help this year with VBS due to my daughters wedding on that Saturday and had been praying for a great VBS and for God to help me since we would be doing the same VBS in Mexico the next month. I felt torn that I needed to be there so I would be better prepared when we got to Mexico and He showed me that He was more concerned for our lifetime work in Mexico and not just a week in July! Those children - you know the ones that Jesus adores and tells us to be more like- well they raised $792 - that is amazing! Those little ones have raised the most money and support for us since we just began our fundraising efforts!

I am so humbled that God used little children to show us that we have to totally depend on Him for all our support through others. Just for one minute stop and think if you had to, starting next week,  depend on others donations and support to live and work!!!! Ya that is a huge piece of humble pie to swallow. Especially when you are the ones that are used to helping others and not the other way around. But through it all, God is showing himself to be trusted and true to His word.

We have no idea who will join with us to support us monthly and invest in the lives of the lost in Mexico, but we know that God does and so that means we don't worry or fret over it because He is in control of it and we trust Him! So since our last news letter went out we had a goal to raise $2000 by August 15th in order for us to buy plane tickets for our first vision trip. I am happy to update that you that we now have $1207 of that!!!

Please pray if the Lord is leading you to join us in monthly efforts to further His Kingdom. I will place the link below where you can make monthly or one time gifts that are all tax deductible. We are praying for you and thanking God for your generosity for God's glory!!!

Thanks for keeping up with us, praying for us and supporting us, we love you!!!

Please list our last name and account number when you donate so it will be posted properly. 

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