Monday, October 1, 2012

It is real now!!

This is the church we attended yesterday - Living Water. We really enjoyed it so much. They eat together after church each week, they have some ladies that cook and bring stuff each week. They sell it and all the proceeds go to missions. This small little church supports 4 missionaries in India, Turkey and Israel. They were a blessing. Sorry if I mess up on this post, the computer I am using is all in Spanish so it is a bit of a challenge - but hey, I love a challenge.
Inside the church

cooking and getting ready to serve lunch

Outside courtyard where we ate and fellowshipped.

View walking dow the street to check on Ashtyn at the birthday party

This is the small group we met with and they asked us questions and we shared our testimonies and mission journey with them. Almost every single one of these people know God is calling them to another nation. Some of them are Israel, Africa, India, and Asia. They said after hearing our stroy, they see how God calls some into Mexico and some out of Mexico!!

Then we ate Domino's

And Dulce painted Ashtyn's finger nails - wow she is really good! 

We will be meeting with one of the teams to talk today and then do some exploring around town to see what they have and see some things. We will be with this team until tomorrow morning and then we will go with the other team and head to the mountains. So it may be a few days before I can update, not sure of the internet service or anything there. We are enjoying ourselves so much and getting to know everyone here is a blessng. Thanks for keeping up with us, continue to pray for us each day. And I will update as soon as I can.

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