Monday, October 22, 2012

Packing again

As we are 4 days away from our last vision trip we are excited and nervous! Nervous because we know that after this, we have to determine God's will for our life in Mexico and that is HUGE!!! Never did I imagine the stress of making sure we are hearing from God clearly and how this will FOREVER change our lives. We are looking forward to our time at Rancho Sordo Mudo (it's a school for the deaf) and seeing yet another new place in Mexico that we have never seen.
We never once imagined this journey to be such a lonely one and a feeling of disconnect. But it is, and at times a hard pill to swallow. But we know that there is purpose in that pain and lessons to be learned, I pray for us to learn those lesson quickly!

We covet your prayers as we travel again - this time crossing the border by car (we have never done this). And a clarity for us to discern the will of God for our family. We are still approximately $600-$700 short for this trip, but we are trusting God for the provision before the credit card bill comes due to pay for the tickets. He is a big God and will provide.

I am not sure of the internet access while there, but I will update if at all possible. Sometimes it is easier to update our page on Facebook than to get logged into the blog and update. So watch in both areas. Thank you again for your love, prayers and support. We are eternally grateful! Thanks for keeping up with us on this journey, we love you!!!

Mike eating grasshoppers in Mexico on our last trip! 

 Ashtyn playing ball with the kids on the street in Mexico City

 Me loving on Angel & Leslie in the community center in Mexico City. 

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