Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reminiscing, Recalling & Ready! (Big News)

So here we are looking back on 2012 and all that we have been through, accomplished, seen and done. There have been many changes and adjustments for our family this year but we can see that this will probably be a theme for the years ahead of us as well. Change is not always a bad thing, but in most cases it is difficult and requires effort and lots of prayer (one reason most people do not like change). But as I ponder all this change in life, I have come to realize that no change means complacency. And a life of complacency is NOT a life I want. If I am never challenged and adapting to change, then I am standing still in comfort. And unfortunately that is the Western world we live in. It caters and encourages us to having it all, having the best and being COMFORTABLE!!!! I have yet to find one verse in the bible that tells us to live that life, but yet I find tons about sacrifice, counting the cost and losing my life to gain it. 

To highlight some of the biggest changes thus far for us this year are:

1. Being appointed by Pioneers in to full time missions
2. Public school for Ashtyn
3. Elise getting married in June
4. Our 2 vision trips to Mexico to visit the teams and pray about where God 
    wanted us to be. 
5. Mike and I going back to school

When I look at all these changes and recall all the adjustments they required - the main thing that stood out to me was all the prayer they required. Not only by us, but by all of you - our friends and family (whether blood related or by Christ). I see more and more each day just how important and vital prayer is and I am so very thankful for all of you that pray with us and for us. That is the one thing I can see that sustained us over this last year and will continue to sustain us in the days ahead. 

So we wanted to update everyone as this year is coming to an end that we have BIG NEWS!!!!

We now know and have gotten all approvals on our ministry and home in Mexico. We are so relieved and excited. This has been a very long 3 and 1/2 years and we felt it was worth a big celebration. So we are going to have a revealing party to reveal to everyone where we will be and what we will be doing. So be watching for upcoming details of when it will be in January. It will be held at our home church Valley Creek Baptist Church in Hueytown. 

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