Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prayer, Prayer and more prayer!!!

So we have come to the end of our 2nd vision trip and have met some wonderful friends that are serving God with all their hearts to make His glory known among the peoples of Mexico. Each in their own way, with perseverance, love and boldness. We feel so fortunate to have made such great friends along the way, ones we know will be there to encourage us, help us and walk along side us as we all strive to serve the Lord where He has called us.

So now what you ask? Well we ask that you continue to pray for us as we are seeking the Lord's voice in where we will be called to serve. We really thought this would just be an easy thing for some reason. I guess because it has been such a long journey to get to this point, we thought we would go and just know immediately - wow, this is it!!! Well when you go and see all the needs and that the workers are few and you meet such amazing people serving - you all of sudden feel this urgency and scariness of "oh my heavens, don't let it be what we want"! How could we as humans make such a decision as to where we are needed and where we are suppose to be, if you ask us - we would need to duplicate ourselves and become 4 families and go to each place. They all need help!!! Now it has become a hard thing to think that only 1 of 4 will get the workers they need. That is heartbreaking to know and see. So ya, we for sure don't want to make any decision alone on our personal preferences or our desires!!! 
To serve God can NOT be about us or what we want, what we think or what we prefer. Human nature is naturally that way and the culture we live in teaches and stresses that it is ALL about US and it is NOT!! 

We know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that God can and will make it perfectly clear to each of us and will reaffirm that - we don't know how, but we know that He will. We are not talking about it as a family together - instead we are praying individually and when we all 3 feel that the Lord has spoken clearly to us and come together we know that He will have us all 3 on the same page. See only God can speak to all 3 of us separately and put us all on the same page. We know that will assure us of God's voice alone. Who else could do that? Right NO ONE!!!!

Our last trip to Guadalupe Valley to Rancho Sordo Mudo was great as well. Again more wonderful people serving the Lord wholeheartedly. It is located on a 500 acre ranch where they have a school for the deaf and are now starting training for the deaf and hearing to reach the deaf not only in Mexico but all around the world. The deaf are one of the biggest unreached people groups around. Unlike here in the states, deaf people in Mexico (as well as around the world) are thrown out, discarded and mistreated. These poor kids have NO language. They have no idea that they are Mexican or live in a country called Mexico. They teach them LSM (Spanish Sign Language) and then teach them to read and write. It is amazing to see them with such excitement to be able to communicate for the first time in their lives. The way the ranch is organized and handled reminds us so much of Casa Betania in Mexico where we have been going. They have 31 kids right now, the school is free of charge to them. It was amazing to see all the things they are doing and getting started. Here are a few pictures from the trip. 

Church in the new worship center - it is really nice. This was their 4th service in it.

The south hits the kitchen with some southern soul food - it was a hit :-)

No this makes a momma proud - her baby girl jumping in to serve the Lord and others!!! 
Flag ceremony before school starts

At the ranch, one of my favorite spots

The front gate

Mike and Ashtyn - we were way up, it was a great hike for us.

Me and Mike with the ranch down below us.

Thanks for keeping up with us and the continued prayers on this Journey to a Harvest. We are excited about the next few weeks as we continue to pray and talk with our area leader and see what God tells us. We would be honored to serve in any of these ministries and along side these wonderful missionaries we have met along the way. To God be the glory for the great things He has for the future, and may we never forget that it is through His strength and power alone that we could even begin to make this journey. God is good and has shown us His power, provision and love throughout this whole entire journey and we are thankful.

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