Friday, May 25, 2012


Habakkuk 2:1 "I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post. There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how He will answer my complaint.

The Hebrew word "amad" means to endure, remain and to be standing both in body and attitude. (pretty sure I fail this one way too much!) Habakkuk shows us how seriously he expected God to answer and how determined he was to wait on that answer. He didn't seek to fill his void with alternatives, like I do so often. He just waited on God, always on the look out for an answer. We have been in a "waiting on God" mode for what seems like seasons, but He continues to show us answers and show us the way. Sometimes I forget that in order to hear God's answer I must minimize ALL distractions to concentrate fully on the task.

Habakkuk was not going to make a move until he had received divine direction. If we value God's Word like Habakkuk, we should be willing to wait patiently and not move until we have received it! Where did he say he was going to wait for divine direction? From the watchtower - why is that so important? Because a watchtower is positioned well above the ground to provide a broader view for miles around. It would give the guards in those towers a different view of their circumstances by placing them high above ground level. It also put them above the level of distracting noise. I remember so vividly that when Mike and I went parasailing how quiet it was when we got up there above all the stuff we were surrounded by. I was blown away at the quietness, I was not expecting that. We too need to place ourselves above our ground level circumstances and get above them. We need to take our eyes off our circumstances and watch only for God!!! Can I just be honest and tell you that this has been a struggle for me lately. I have been so worried and upset about my circumstances and how and when they would change, that I probably have not heard God because of all the distractions and certainly lost sight of the stairs to the watchtower!!!

Then we get to Habakkuk 2:3 "This vision is for a future time. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed."   We have to be careful not to run ahead the moment we hear God's leading and direction. We must walk in daily obedience instead of desiring to see the end result of God's plan instantly!  See the Lord even prefaced His message to Habakkuk with a reminder for us not to carry out His plan before its due season! Wow in a world of instant gratification - that is a hard one for us all. See He wants us to remain standing in body and attitude, expecting Him to answer, while in the watchtower with no distractions for His divine answer and then when we have gotten that divine answer to walk in daily obedience instead of running ahead of Him. Wow!!! 

My heart is encouraged to not flounder as time passes as I wait to see God's promises fulfilled. I will be standing firm and walking in daily obedience to God. Great relief awaits those who ask God to provide. We can be free from the burdens of trying to make things happen when we know He promises to fulfill His own Word. God told Habakkuk what he would need to walk in patience before the Lord.(Habakkuk 2:4) And it remains the same for us today - we must not depend on ourselves to make things happen! 

I am not sure what you're going through or the circumstances in front of you - but I know mine. Look around for the stairs to the watchtower - get above those circumstances and look for God. It is not easy waiting on God and then not running ahead of Him - its a daily walk. But I know that we are more than willing to stay by our phones awaiting a call regarding a career opportunity or a report from the doctor's office. We will wait in line for groceries and other stuff. We will wait out the long months before the arrival of a child. But the value we place on God dictates the amount of time we are willing to wait on Him. The importance of hearing God's voice was paramount to Habakkuk - let's make it paramount to us TODAY!!!

Great message in song from Greg & Janna Long!!! 

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