Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Standing like an Officer

Luke 7:1-10 - Standing like an Officer

So many think faith is something so non-biblical such as believing something to be true when you know it's not or that it is working up a kind of courage to face something hard. Those are foolish and not biblical faith. 

See on this journey our faith is tested day in and day out! We have more questions than answers. We have things in front of us that WE do not see how they will work. When we just stand on His promises and trust Him to take care of them - that is biblical faith. 

Jesus commended the faith of the Roman officer, He said that the man's faith was without comparison. And all the officer did was to say that he would take Jesus at His word. That is the heart of real faith! Can Jesus say that of us?

Don't complicate your faith in God - just believe Him and live knowing that what He says is true!!!! I feel pretty sure that we will have many days when our faith will be all that we have and I pray that we will stand strong and take Jesus at His word like this Roman officer. 

From my time with God this morning! 

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